With Userbase SaaS enabler, Companies can now go Beyond Digital Operations

March 30, 2016 5:38 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

SaaS enabler applications are a crowded marketplace now, with every SaaS enabler supporting digital operations in some unique ways. However, companies like Usermind are carving a niche for SaaS services.

With a SaaS offering, the customer is empowered to use it and pay it befitting to his custom requirements. However, when it comes to customer experience or customer lifecycle management, not many SaaS enablers are able to manage the cycle end-to-end.

Every customer is different, in the same way, every customer engagement is. To fulfill the need of a customer, his consumer behavior needs to be tracked and the lifecycle managed. This is the gap Usermind bridges, thus empowering companies offering SaaS based solutions to track customer analytics, thus study and predict user preferences and customer satisfaction.

Usermind, being easy-to-use makes it handy to integrate all business functions and processes at one central place, map data between them, automate processes that analyze user behavior and thus optimize customer journeys.

With Usermind, companies can:

  • – Integrate applications like marketing, sales force, CRM, usage and collaboration.
  • – Define parties and entities and manage movement of data between them.
  • – Automate processes using event triggers in a dynamic environment.
  • – Get impact analytics and provide basis for conducting hypothesis experiments.

Usermind is based out of Seattle, and backed by Andreessen Horowitz, CRV and Menlo Ventures.


Date of Publication: 23/03/2016