SuperCom’s Cybersecurity Platform to Work with Commercial Banks

February 6, 2016 12:32 am | Updated 5 years ago.

SuperCom’s ingenious cyber security platform has been invited to fortify mobile phone applications in two commercial banks in Israel. They have also been asked to advise and evaluate a new protection strategy for various other organizations for delicate mobile applications. SuperCom’s clients also consist of large European organizations. It also plans to present its Cybersecurity framework at a conference in San Francisco in March 2016.

SuperCom’s SafeMobile Suite will provide advance solutions to shield against major hazards like server tampering and reverse engineering. It can also provide protection to other sectors like hospitals, financial institutions, and even government institution.

The solution also consists of a Cyber Security Gateway to provide protection when there is a heavy flow of electronic data. It can also be easily interspersed with all kind of mobile applications. The Cyber Secure CA and Cyber Device Registrar are also integrated into the SafeMobile Suite.


Date of Publication: – February 03, 2016