Smart Shelf and Smart Peg to take the Retail Inventory Market by storm

January 20, 2016 3:34 pm | Updated 6 years ago.

WestRock and T+ink in collaboration with Intel have created Smart shelves and Smart Pegs for the first time by using printed electronic sensors. This will provide continuous information about inventory to retailers, brands, and distributors giving them a vantage point over their competitors. Smart technologies have been integrated with retail display offerings to provide end point solutions to customers.

West Rock has leveraged its customer offering with the help of a low-cost technology to track inventories. This, in turn, will enhance its power to serve customers better. Smart shelf and smart pegs will further help in recording sales velocity, stock conditions and even loss of inventory that can be attributed to employee theft, shoplifting and administrative error. Furthermore, aggressive pricing supported by electronic shelves will give an added edge to merchandisers.
According to Joe Jensen, vice president of Intel Retail Solutions Divisions, the Internet- of-Things will impact retail by aiding its growth on one hand and amplifying customer experience on the other.

Date of Publication: Jan. 18, 2016