Security Breaches in Apple Apps

February 3, 2016 7:11 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Fire Eye, a leading cyber security company, in its report, mentioned that about a thousand applications on the Apple store are open to cyber attacks. Hackers can enter devices and quite easily access the gallery and other functions. According to Fire Eye, more than 1,220 apps in the iOS store could be affected and are open to attacks by hackers.

The structure in question is a script JSPatch, which gives more freedom to developers to circumvent Apple’s rigid App store rules. This piece of software is not malicious, but can be used by hackers to get access to the data in the devices.

Josh Goldfarb, from FireEye, gave some standard inputs regarding security to iOS users asking them to download only those applications which can be trusted. The first major attack on the app store took place last year when iPhone apps were afflicted with XcodeGhost, the software.  FireEye in its report also forecasts that attack on mobile devices will be on the rise in the coming days. Apple, however, refrained from commenting.

Date of publication: January 28, 2016