Off shoring is still good to Go- New Supply Chain Research

April 7, 2016 2:50 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Global Service industry experienced a uniform growth in the year 2015. The Location activity was at its peak during that tenure. The drivers who influenced the growth, however, had to undergo evolution to maintain the thin line of economic balance. Small and mid-sized buyers grew across industry verticals, and their adoption of new technologies has created disruptions in the market.

According to Everest group prediction, service delivery automation will become the priority for global in-house centers (GICs), which are often known as shared Services or Captives. These will impact the portfolio of the location in different ways, including a rise in both consolidation and reshoring mostly in cases where time to market is extremely crucial.

According to Salil Dani, vice president of the Global Sourcing team at Everest Group, Service Delivery Automation has already been administered by more than 28% of GICs across various processes. These findings have been reiterated by the reshoring index published by A.T.Kearney in 2015.


Date Of publication: March 22, 2016