Nokia designs NetGuard Security Management

February 3, 2016 6:46 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Security is still the prime concern for Internet of things and keeping this concept in mind, Nokia designed the NetGuard Security Management Center. It is a platform which will provide security to all devices connected to a particular network. It will also allow IoT service providers to follow a comprehensive process to address security breaches.

The NetGuard platform oversees all IoT devices connected to a particular network using a malware database. It analyzes all activities thus preventing attacks. The engine can automatically change its security settings in case a threat is detected. It will act as a cover providing security to the entire network rather than individual devices.

NetGuard has been manufactured on the lines of Nokia’s Mobile Guard System. The security issues can also be monitored by administrators on a NetGuard dashboard and make necessary changes when the need occurs. This platform will be particularly useful for large organizations that function on Internet of Things. With millions of connected devices spread across a huge area, administrators are always apprehensive about attacks.

Date of Publication: – February 2, 2016