New Smart Lighting Module to Improve Connectivity In IoT Lighting Applications by Samsung

March 15, 2016 6:29 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. launched a new multipurpose Smart Lighting Module (SLM) – A fundamental IoT building block for fast developing smart cities.  SLM will play an important role in improving system development, managing and lowering the risk, enhancing system quality and lowering the time span to market. The modules are supposed to be sampled with the partners of Samsung and will be shipped to OEMs in April.

SLM is developed in such a manner that it will get integrated with Led lighting systems to transform luminaires into smart digital nodes with ease. This platform provides processing capabilities, firmwire, connectivity and an architecture which is open and which is connected to sensors for gathering information for creation of new utility applications.

As the basic elements of the smart lighting platform, SLM acts as the important connector for every type of devices and instruments used in smart luminaires including drivers and sensors.  It has got different ports for greater flexibility in creating hardware connections and a script engine that will simplify firmware connection as well.



Date of Publication: March 14 , 2016