Mobile Games to Generate more Revenue in 2016

April 26, 2016 12:58 am | Updated 5 years ago.

Games played on PCs and Consoles will take a back seat as mobile video games will surge ahead and produce higher revenue in 2016 as per Newzoo BV’s forecast. Out of the estimated $99.58 billion in software sales this year, 37% will be generated from games especially for smartphones and tablets.

Games on smartphones and tablets are easier to download and play. Game makers have also become smarter at alluring players to make purchases that will help them to keep on playing the game . Games are also a source for generating additional revenue by means of advertising.

According to Newzoo’s report which was published recently, proceeds from mobile games will register a rise by 21% this year to $36.87 billion globally. Companies are taking advantage of this by downloading and upgrading their consoles to increase their storage space. Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp have already upgraded their systems. Established and popular gaming companies are either initiating their own titles or acquiring new ones.


Date of Publication: April 21, 2016