Microsoft unveils big data analytics platform based on R

January 8, 2016 11:10 am | Updated 6 years ago.

Courtesy: Microsoft

This week Microsoft brought to light a progressive analytics platform which is based on R programming language. Titled as Microsoft R Server it is compatible with platforms like Linux, Hadoop and Teradata softwares. It is easily accessible through Microsoft Developer Network and Dream Spark (an educational program of Microsoft).

Microsoft had acquired Revolution Analytics, the commercial license provider of the R programming language last year in the month of April with plans to augment it. R’s success as a programming language can be attributed to the fact that a community of over two million users and developers are supporting it. R incorporates almost all types of statistical models and chart that can be used by a data scientist.

Microsoft R open also named as an “enhanced distribution of R” is a tool that is necessary is for both R Server 2016 and RRE for Windows 2016. In the Linux, Hadoop and Teradata versions Microsoft has changed its name but in the Windows version of the software, it is still known as RRE (Revolution R Enterprise).

Date of Publication: January 6, 2016