Microsoft announces the launch of R Server for Azure HDInsight

April 7, 2016 2:52 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Microsoft envisages in becoming leaders in the field of big data. Therefore, it has unveiled various cloud-based offerings at the data science conference, Strata+Hadoop World, which is being held in San Jose. In line with its commitments to contribute to the making of big data analytics simpler and more accessible, the R Server for Azure HDInsight was launched. It also unveiled the updated version of its Spark for HDInsight  service.

Microsoft’s customers can now expand prominent big data applications with HDInsight without writing any code.It will also augment customers ability to learn and utilize advanced analytics and Ml models on larger data sets.This will also help save time as it is much faster than what was previously possible in the cloud. The Azure Data Catalog, an enterprise metadata catalogue of Microsoft will also be made available for public reviewing. Along with BUILD 2016, other announcements are also in the pipeline.

Microsoft also divulged that it will concentrate on building products and services to support the R Services and has roped in prominent data applications such as Datameer Cloud and AtScale to provide support to HDInsight.


Date of Publication: March 29.2016