Indian Technology Outsourcing firms to benefit as US manufacturers shift from China

April 7, 2016 2:56 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

American manufacturing companies are gradually moving their manufacturing units from China to the United States owing to political pressure, rise in real estate costs and wage inflation. This, in turn, has led Indian IT outsourcing companies to experience a big jump in their profits from their manufacturing clients. The country’s top software service providers like Infosys sees this as an opportunity to bolster their position in the software outsourcing markets.
According to Jalona who looks after Volkswagen AG’s US business mentioned that production companies company in the USA are thinking about new strategies which will provide more work to software outsourcing companies like Infosys.
India’s foremost software service providers perceive this as a business opportunity to develop new generation technologies like high-end robotics, 3D printing, and shop floor automation that will take manufacturing to new heights. It is also expected that the USA’s supply chain which is based in China will undergo a revamp.
Date of Publication: March 28th, 2016