India tops GSLI

January 12, 2016 2:21 pm | Updated 6 years ago.

AT Kearney, rates India as number one in its Global Service Location Index (GSLI) as the most attractive outsourcing destination. Out of the fifty-five countries analyzed Philippines, China, Malaysia, Brazil are following India closely.

The study also delves further by highlighting the shift of the outsourcing business from major cities to tier 3 cities like Nagpur, Surat, and Lucknow. Tier 3 cities have an edge over major cities as they are more cost effective in terms of real estate and availability of labour. The attrition rate of labour is also very low.

Arjun Sethi, a global leader of AT Kearney IT Services points out that technological growth paves the way work moves from one place to another. Traditional concepts of outsourcing will undergo a change as new business models powered with automation will take over in the ever expanding market.

This survey helps organizations to take a key decision as far as the location of the outsourcing business is concerned. Advanced educational skills and cultural adaptability are helping China to give India a tough competition.

Date of Publication – January 12, 2016