Google Home is Ready to take on Amazon’s Echo

October 12, 2016 5:24 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Google has recently showcased their all new product “Google Home” in a special event in San Francisco. At the event, Google product manager Rishi Chandra gave a demo of the product. Google home will answer all the questions when it hears the “wake-up” word “OK Google”. During the product demo, when Rishi asked, “What’s Adele’s real name?” Google Assistant provided him with the answer. Further when Rishi Chandra again asked, “How many Grammys has she won?” “Google Home” responded immediately with an answer by searching the Wikipedia.

Google announced that the consumers can preorder it’s all new digital assistant, “Google Home” for $129 now.

One area that Google has an absolute advantage over Amazon is that Google Home’s ability to link the Google’s Chromecast and Google Cast media streamers with “Google Home”.

Although Amazon’s Echo has an advantage of two-year lead, but Google’s voice recognition and AI can definitely give a tough competition.



Date of Publication: Oct 4, 2016