Google and Airbnb Expands in CUBA

March 30, 2016 5:54 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

With the historic visit of USA President, Barak Obama, Google and Airbnb and are all set to expand to CUBA taking the friendship of the countries to another level.  Many are not satisfied with this decision or rather expansion of the US companies.

Since 1962 US imposed trade and travel restrictions against this Caribbean Island. But to draw these restrictions to an end, Obama landed in Cuba to talk with the leader Raul Castro.

Obama announced that Google is making Wi-Fi and broadband more widely available in Cuba.

Cuban economy is mostly tourism oriented and though there were restrictions on the Americans visiting CUBA, yet out of 3.5 million tourists, 161,000 Americans visited the island last year.

With this starting of the new era, commercial flights from USA will start and Starwood, US Hotel chain aims to invest in this island by refurbishing three hotels on the island.


Date of Publication: 21/03/2016