European Mobile Network Operators to Block Irrelevant Ads

February 20, 2016 5:19 pm | Updated 5 years ago.


Three UK and Three Italy, two European mobile network operators, aspire to enhance its customer base by granting customers the power to block irrelevant ads. Mobile ads gobble a lot of bandwidth, as customers have to pay by the amount of megabytes used. This is a step towards increasing customer satisfaction as nobody will like to pay for wasted bandwidth. Irrelevant ads increase the trash in web pages by enhancing the size of the downloadable apps causing trouble for those phone users who have limited storage capacity. Three UK and Three Italy are using software from Shine Technologies to block ads in their network. Their main intention is not to remove mobile ads completely, but allowing customers to ascribe to only those ads which they feel are useful.
Apple gave iPhone and iPad users the flexibility to download content filters from its app store. Samsung Electronics also tried a similar maneuver by applying filters that had been downloaded from the Google Play Store. The Shine’s ad-blocking software was also used by Caribbean operator Digicel.


Date of Publication: February 19, 2016