Continuum Analytics launches Anaconda parcel for Cloudera

February 18, 2016 11:18 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

The Anaconda parcel for Cloudera has been launched by Continuum Analytics. The Anaconda platform supports the open source Python community to provide data analytics solutions to enterprises. Adopting Anaconda within the Cloudera will make it easier for customers to use the Python packages for science, math, engineering and data analysis.

The Cloudera users had to manually download and install the entire spectrum of Python data science stack on a Hadoop Cluster. It was both complicated and time-consuming. With the Anaconda parcel, data scientists can effectively generate high impact data science solutions.

Continuum and Cloudera joined hands to revamp the process of using Python packages for data analysis by data scientists. The Anaconda package, when installed via Cloudera Manager, gives an easy access to the Python packages. Python is an important tool for data exploration and predictive modeling in the Hadoop cluster. According to Continuum CTO and co-founder, Peter Wang, these developments will pave the way for next generation Hadoop innovations.

Date of Publication: February 17, 2016