Bluebird launches handheld computers and tablets with multi – OS Support

January 20, 2016 3:30 pm | Updated 6 years ago.

The global manufacturer of industrial handheld computers, tablets and mobile payment devices, Bluebird Inc, has declared publicly the launch of a series of computers and tablets with Multi-OS support including Windows 10.

The advanced tablets ST100, RT100 along with handheld computers EF500, EF500R, EF400, and RT100 will support IoT mobile enterprise. These smart devices will be connecting field workers, store managers, and district managers so as to help them communicate effectively.

EF500/EF500R, the flagship product of Bluebird integrates advanced functions supporting both Windows10 IoT mobile enterprise and Android 5.1 Lollipop. The device EF400 is best suited for field sales and direct store delivery. RT100 Rugged tablet can be used for customer engagement, order taking and payment processing on pairing it with Bluebird’s chip and PIN device EP200.
According to Jangwon Lee, CEO of Bluebird, the latest devices launched will help in cutting down the cost for retailers and enhancing customer experience.

Date of Publication: Jan. 17, 2016