2016 and IoT

January 15, 2016 9:43 am | Updated 6 years ago.

There is a growing consciousness among business houses about the IoT of things. The point of concern is about incorporating it in the present business structure. IoT till 2015 was being driven by consumers. 2016 will see a shift with service providers paving the way for further growth.

Business houses will have to incorporate new techniques to capture the growing market to make a niche for them. Industry giants will have to think of better network fundamentals to handle the traffic as more and more devices get connected to it. Solution providers should be ready to manage the increased flow of data and the huge array of devices connected to the IoT(Internet of Things).

Security is another concern that needs to be kept in mind as service providers bring in more products to stay ahead of their competitors. As it is true for all things that the early bird catches the worm similarly channel partners who are ready to innovate and stay ahead will go to the next level.

Source : http://www.channelnomics.com/channelnomics-us/analysis/2441697/2016-top-10-emerging-threats-number-4-the-iot
Dt of Publication : 13 January 2016