Q&A with Mr. Ayyapan Ashokan, CEO, Enfin Technologies India Pvt. Ltd

June 15, 2016 8:27 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Ayyapan Ashokan, the Co-Founder and CEO of Enfin Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, was started in May 2009 at Bangalore. Their flagship product, “Ofabee” (www.ofabee.com) is an interactive and engaging cloud based Online Training Platform for Educational Institutions & Corporate organizations to provide Online Training and assess their Employees, Partners, Customers and Students.

About the Co-Founder and CEO

Q1 ) What was your journey like to get you here as a CEO?

I didn’t always dream of becoming a CEO. In fact, during my initial college days, my career goal was to be part of any one of the MNC’s in the IT industry. But later during our college final year, we a group of 4 friends was stricken with a dream to start our own company in the services industry.  Unfortunately, it didn’t shape up once we passed out in 2006. We all are joined in different companies in the IT industry and worked for around 2 years in different locations. I and Syam were in Bangalore in 2008 and working in 2 different companies. During a weekend night, when Syam asked me why can’t we re-think about starting our company in the IT industry. Initially, I didn’t take it up on a serious note. After a week’s time, Syam discussed with the other 3 friends and they came up together with this idea again. During that time, I had also decided to join the team.

Within the next 2 months, we quit our job and rented a 400 sq.ft space and started a partnership firm. The initiative failed within the first 6 months and we were standing in front of a financial crisis. Except Syam, all the other partners decided to quit and join jobs. In May2009, myself and Syam decided to go ahead with our decision and founded Enfin Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. to focus on quality web applications specialized on video streaming technologies.

Q2) What do you consider your greatest accomplishment to date and what did you learn from this accomplishment?

For the first 4 years, we had been focusing only on offshore development services for our clients from the USA and European region. On 2012, we came up with an idea to develop our first product- a mobile SDK to for mobile app developers to enable the real-time communication like Video, audio and text chat. This product idea helped us to win The Economic Times “Power of Ideas” by the Department of Science and Technology and CIIE, IIM Ahmadabad. But we had failed in the marketing and user acquisition for the developed SDK. Later, we did a pivot in this product and integrated the LIVE video tutoring app in an e-Learning solution. We named this product Ofabee – a course selling platform for the training institutes and the teachers. We got 5 pilot customers for this product within a short span of 3 months and we developed the first version (Version1) of Ofabee with the help of these initial customers. This product was selected for Innovation Fellowship (LiF) programme which was run by The Royal Academy of Engineering, London and University of Cambridge in partnering with UK Government’s Newton Fund. We were one of the top 20 start-ups selected from India for this program.

Q3)  What are the general offerings of Enfin Technologies ?

As our first product was a failure, we were very cautious about to take a decision in initiate a new product development. During that time, by the mid of 2014, we got a call from a UPSC Exam coaching institute from Thrissur. They are one of the leading UPSC exam coaching institutes in Kerala. But they are facing difficulties to scale-up their coaching institute. The director of the institute is the leading trainer and didn’t want to start any other branches in different cities. So he contacted us to develop a LIVE classroom streaming solution to deliver his classroom lectures to the students in other cities. Thus, we developed a LIVE streaming solution for him and later we realized the difficulties in the coaching and teaching industry and have developed our product Ofabee – Online Course Selling Platform.


Our passion for innovating in media/video communication technologies has enabled us to be a one of the leading media communication app development company in India. We provide consulting for start-ups to enterprise companies to plan, build and launch the right media streaming apps from streaming server set-up, develop the quality application and to reach the right volume of users seamlessly.

We specialize in developing video streaming applications for the last 5 years. We choose right technologies for your media streaming needs from choosing right server configuration, building streaming apps and reaching to the targeted number of users. We do:

  • Video conference application
  • Video chat applications
  • LIVE video streaming applications
  • Webinar applications
  • Video Consulting apps.
  • Online Meeting & Training applications


Ofabee is a cloud based video learning & course selling for training institutes and individual teachers/trainers to start their custom brand online training course selling a website with their website address in minutes. Ofabee boast of features like Interactive video presentations, online test capabilities, notes, assignments, learners’ LIVE discussions and much more to empowering an institute to train their students/trainees.

  • Innovation related to product development

As we specialized on real-time communication technologies, we developed and implemented different types of data compression techniques to stream the videos seamlessly without any buffering and without compromising on security.

The vision of the company-

Q4) What is the next big thing that will happen to your organizations in terms of growth, new product and partnership?

As our product Ofabee have started getting the traction in last 1 year and have around 15+ paid customers in the coaching and training industry. We know launching a B2B product and getting traction in little difficult during the initial stages and now it’s time to accelerate the sales in this financial year. Similarly, for service industries, it’s a new trend to start communicating with users, customers in real-time. Thus a lot of online consulting platforms are shaping up in the last couple of years. So we believe we can contribute our real-time communication solutions to different industries to help them to communicate with their customers seamlessly. We are looking for good partnerships from the companies which should be a win-win-win situation, i.e. win for our partner, our company and our customers. Our mission is to be a 1 billion INR company in the next 5 years and vision is to enable easy real-time communication solutions for humans to keep in touch.

Q5)  How does D2E ecosystem add value to your organization?

We have been associated with Krishnendu Sen for more than a year and it was really a great learning for all our teammates about the marketing and sales strategies. He helped me to improve my sales skills and my approach towards customers. Krishnendu  is very kind to introduce us to a lot of potential customers, industry experts, who are beneficial to our entrepreneurial journey.

About Arup’da, he was really helpful and guide us to implement and follow the different process in our company in different departments – HR process, Technology, and Sales. He has helped us to strategize how to approach partnerships for our product and services.