Q&A with Mr Aneesh Chandran, CEO, Livares Technologies

June 8, 2016 7:30 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Livares Technologies (P) Ltd is the brainchild of an industrious group of young entrepreneurs. The core strength of the company lies in the dedication and finesse of the Livares team

Q1) What was your journey like to get you here as a CEO and Co-Founder?

We are a group of young serial entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem for last 6 years. As a team, we connect with trust and respect. Our dream is to become tributaries of global innovation and solution under an able team. Metro360 is third venture in our journey and we are seven in number, Aneesh Chandran, Aneez Ahmed N, Mahesh K M,  Jaseel A R, Rineez Ahmed , Shihas A S & Sumesh R Nair.

We co-founded Livares InfoTech in 2009, shortly after passing out from college. We failed, but it brought on board an infallible experience and energy to fight further.

In 2012, we launched “Livares Technologies”, got incubated in Kerala Startup Mission, got selected for NASSCOM 10k Startups. Having client base in US, Europe, Middle East & Africa, we successfully graduated from Kerala Startup Mission. Currently Livares has a team size of 20+, in a stage to scale up. We believe innovation is not only building something new of its kind but also making our daily lives easier with existing technology. With this concept we innovate “METRO360” to help the public to get connected with qualified skilled labor to get their home chores done.

As Livares had a large client base globally and scaling up rapidly, we did not want to break the momentum. So we co-founded Metro360 as separate entity with a separate management team headed by myself. “Metro360” is a hyper local platform which helps the users get connected to qualified skilled labor on different household categories.

The initial days of entrepreneurship were extremely challenging as I hardly had any idea about technology and the business of software engineering. The early projects and clients helped me a lot in understanding technology and business. I have managed 100+ projects in various technologies ranging from simple websites to large-scale applications.

I believe in associating with technology ventures and starting up to take advantage of mutually beneficial and cross-selling opportunities. I associate with various startups as solution architects to help them implement better processes to achieve better performance.

Q2)Kindly enlighten us on your product Metro360.

METRO360, a hyper local platform that helps the user get connected to skilled labor for the house hold services in minimal time.

Our application provides total solution in our listed categories, for example, we have people for fixing a bulb to complete electrical wiring of a house or office.  Similarly we have person for fixing a tap to do all plumbing work of a house or office. We are now giving our services mainly in 13 different categories which includes carpentry works, painting, plumbing, electrical works, cleaning works, flooring works, builders, interior furnishing, and home appliance servicing.

Our application is now accessible through website and mobile. We have launched our application for public in the first week of March 2016. We have now around 200+ workers registered with us directly. With their referrals, more and more workers are coming to our office on a daily basis to register with us. We are scheduling their work in an effective way so that both customers and workers are getting benefits from it. We can proudly say that our customers are really happy. We can ensure it because we have a repeated booking rate of 40%, and nearly 100 % are ready for repeat orders in the future, also all of them are willing to recommend our services to their friends and associates. Since launch we have paced up the momentum, now around 50 orders are being placed in our platform daily. Onboard are around 300+ already registered users in the platform.

How public can access our services?

  • Access from website: –

Our services are available through web and mobile. Those who prefer through web, can access www.metro360.in and post their work requirements through the website by booking a service.

  • Access from Android mobile: –

Those who prefer mobile app can download our application “metro360” from Google Play Android Market Place and book their required service through the application itself.

  • Booking a service

Booking a service is fairly simple; users just need to sign up using our website or application just by giving their name and mobile number and then they will be able to start booking their orders by entering their required category of work, description of work, place of work and time preferred for our task agents to visit the place.

  • Traction since launch: –

Metro360 application had launched on March 10, 2016. Since then, as on May 20:

  • We are now processing close to 50 orders per day. Since launch, 500+ orders placed in the platform.
  • We have 500+ registered users on our platform.
  • We have 200+ resources onboard across 13 different categories.

We having 40% repeat booking rate from the existing users. Our focus is to increase the % to somewhere near 75% – 80% in next 12 months of operations.

Q3) What is the next big thing that will happen to your organizations in terms of growth,new product and partnership?

Our vision is to train our workers and empower them digitally and prepare them for using new technologies for improving their life. At the same time we are also looking to give maximum benefits to our customers also.

Regarding the future scope, as of now we are focused in providing our services in Ernakulam only. This is also a stage of learning and self-improvement for us. In near future we will expand to other parts of Kerala as well as couple of tier-2 cities. Our aim is to grow our business pan-India and give the benefits of digital empowerment to the unorganized sector of labor. Through phase-by-phase approach our aim is to train our workers and empower them digitally and prepare them for using new technologies for improving their life. At the same time we are also looking for giving maximum benefits to our customers. Within this short span of time & our customer friendly approach, cost effectiveness and quick response are well appreciated by our customers and we identify these are the qualities which we can say as our unique selling proposition from our competitors.

Our concept is to organize the unorganized to deliver benefits both to the customers as well as the laborers. National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) in 2009–10, the total employment in the country was of 46.5 crore comprising around 2.8 crore in the organized and the remaining 43.7 crore workers in the unorganized sector.

Useful Links

Website URL http://metro360.in/
Play store URL https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.metro360
FB page URL https://www.facebook.com/metro360official
Twitter account URL https://twitter.com/metro360tweet
Google Plus Page https://google.com/+Metro360In
Blog URL http://blog.metro360.in/
Downloads URL http://metro360.in/downloads


Q4)  How does D2E ecosystem add value to your organization?

Pioneers in the industry are headed by D2E and the association with them added more values to our organization. They have incredibly good solutions to the queries related to sales and marketing, which has helped us to cross each and every hurdle, to deliver the desired result. D2E’s strategies have worked out well for us and the ability to get people on board with ideas is very impressive.

We work directly with Krish and Arup on behalf of D2E, their knowledge of sales process and negotiation strategies combined with their wide network helped us to overcome the initial hurdles. Both Krish and Arup are also very approachable and flexible to work with the chaotic schedule of our startup team, however, they often find themselves in.