Premier Outsourcing Companies in California

December 14, 2016 7:29 pm | Updated 4 years ago.

As the Silicon Valley executives’ gears up to meet the US President-elect Donald Trump, they need to critically look into the future of offshore outsourcing along with the US economy in general. They will also have to discuss issues related to new policy changes especially for tech companies who hire foreign workers or outsource their work to offshore locations. Offshore Outsourcing a topic of debate in all circles.

The spotlight is also on the offshore outsourcing engagements at Walt Disney World Resort and Southern California Edison Co, where a number of employees had been laid off as part of management’ decision to outsource the IT functions to offshore vendors. However, D2e in this present scenario feels that this can be a boon for offshore IT service companies. It also believes that the new policies will be beneficial for both the customers in the US and the offshore outsourcing IT vendors.

So, D2e brings to the forefront some Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service providers in California. These companies will not only help in cutting cost but will also assist in the growth and development of the company. Although there are a number of organizations that are known for delivering offshore outsourcing services but only a few make it to the top of the list.

Companies that outsource in California


RemoteFace is a technology and consulting company based in California, that provide services in the field of web-design and development, software application, mobile app development and outsourcing services. They have been successfully delivering services to their clients by helping them to focus on core issues in both Canada and US for the past one decade. They have huge experience in providing the best of breed offshore outsourcing services and solutions to clients across USA and Canada.

Elite Tek Services

Elite Tek Services have been in business since 2008 and has established themselves as an offshore outsourcing organization in the IT manpower and staffing domain. They provide user-friendly solutions in the field of staffing, IT Workforce Solutions, and Supplier Diversity Partner. They have an expertise in serving the retail, financial, energy and the insurance sector.

Tiny Planet Inc

One of the topmost outsource global service providers in California, since 1999, Tiny Planet Inc is known for delivering innovative, cost-effective and qualitative solutions to clients across the globe. They focus on their skills which comprise of highly skilled resources, competitive pricing, timely delivery and the quality of their work. They help clients in offshore outsourcing too.

Encore India

A Los Angeles-based business service provider with a regional office in Visakhapatnam, India delivers quality services across areas like, Marketing, Data processing, Information Technology and engineering to name a few. The use of skilled resources around the globe helps them to provide cost effective and efficient solutions to their customers. Offshore outsourcing is one of their key jobs.


It is a company well-known for helping business to augment their performance by outsourcing various processes to an offshore location. Their main focus is payroll processing, risk management, and benefits administration to help their offshore outsourcing partners. With an experience of more than thirty years and about 15,000 employees, they are known to provide quality solutions to their clients.

D2e Consulting

Based out of their office in San Francisco, California, D2e Consulting is an offshore outsourcing aggregator that manages end-to- end offshore outsourcing engagements of their clients. It is and ecosystem for services related to the IT sector. They mainly focus on IT Offshore outsourcing needs of clients across the US and North America. The entire D2e ecosystem consists of partners who have a deep knowledge and expertise in their respective domains. They also provide single window for all your IT Offshore Outsourcing requirements. D2e also believes in believe that Offshore Outsourcing is a win-win proposition. Research indicates that on an aggregate Offshore Outsourcing tends to increase productivity and reduce costs and prompt firms to expand domestic hiring.