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Partner Details

TBAA and D2E Ecosystem

TBAA Group is the Channel Partner in the D2E Ecosystem for the European clients. It is an agile organization of ex-management executives who apply proven processes, tools, and best practices to help select the right vendor or software to solve the urgent business needs you face every day.

About TBAA

Technology Brokers and Advisors provides intelligent, innovative solutions to our client’s complex business challenges through a practical, best – of – breed partner based approach which accelerates the delivery of quality systems and services.

Focus Areas

TBAA is focused on improving the five essential business areas that all of your projects must positively impact to be successful:

  • – Customer Relationships
  • – Financial Metrics
  • – Operational Processes
  • – System Capabilities
  • – Organizational Readiness (People)


You can leverage on the experience and expertise in the field of:

    • – Application Development
    • – Product Development
    • – IT Operations
    • – Marketing (Marketing Systems Integration)
    • – Operations (BPO)
    • – Finance (Reporting and Accounting)

In terms of Industries, TBAA adds value to:

    • – Healthcare
    • – Professional Services
    • – Mortgage
    • – Construction
    • – Hospitality
    • – Restaurants


2840 West Bay Drive
Suite #220
Belleair Bluffs, Florida 33770


Phone: (407) 489-4032


Email: info@techbaa.com