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Mydia100 and D2E Ecosystem

Mydia100 Communications Pvt. Ltd. joins the D2E Eco-system community as an execution partner. MYDIA100 is a freshly launched New age consultancy company which is about converting challenges into opportunities in the media and entertainment Universe.

About Mydia100

Mydia100 Communications Pvt. Ltd.  is engaged in developing Audio-Visual Content and Apps exclusively for mobile phones, which will be disseminated through mobile Apps. The content will be available in Hindi and the 6 of the most widely spoken regional languages reaching out to nearly 90% of the Indian population. It will cover “Popular” topics as well as material which would be considered “Need to watch” in order to fuel growth and prosperity in the country.

Focus Areas

Mydia100 offers an array of other services in the media domain. These range from Strategic Consulting/Operational outsourcing for non-core new investors in Media, to protect their investments and ensure they yield dividends. Their strengths extend from content creation and event ideation/production to creating contextual media solutions across media, tailor-made to the client’s needs.

HaHaHa App a multi-lingual comedy app currently available on the Android platform is free and the first of its kind in the Indian market. The other apps developed by Mydia100 consists of the “Khushhali” app aimed at the rural sector and Saheli mobile app which delivers a short entertaining and informative videos for pregnant women enabling them to access all relevant information about their pregnancy on their smartphones. The first client specific app designed and developed by the Mydia100 team is popularly known as Sahaj Mitr, providing critical updates to 30000 rural entrepreneurs associated with Sahaj E-Village Ltd.


As an end to end media solutions company, Mydia100 offers expertise in Strategic Consulting, Content and Event Production, Contextual Media Solutions, Production Support, Research and Advertising Sales and Support and Fund Raising. Their focus is on continuously delivering results in line with the customer’s expectations. Mydia100 also develops mobile video based Apps and related content for clients’ customized requirements.
MYDIA100’s extensive experience and media management knowledge enables it to find solutions quickly and efficiently, integrating the rapid changes taking place in the fast transforming media sector, both nationally and internationally. Owing to its realistic approach and practicality in execution, Mydia100 not only helps its partners/clients figure out what to do but also can work with their staff to implement recommendations, ensuring these are fully realized. This work philosophy has held the company in good stead with all its partners/clients.


MYDIA100’s consultants’ client list in India includes media majors like Prasar Bharti (Doordarshan), Sahara India Media Corporation and Kolkata TV. Media100 have also created path-breaking concepts like Udyami Awards, which felicitate medium and small scale entrepreneurs at the state level, Annapoorna Conclave and Honours, which celebrates farmers in the Hindi heartland and raises awareness about their concerns.


Mydia100 Communications Pvt Ltd
B – 93 B, Ground Floor
Sector – 2, Noida (Opposite State Bank of India)
Phone No: +91-120-4105161
Email | info@mydia100.com