IT Services that are generally Offshore Outsourced from USA

December 21, 2016 3:30 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

IT offshore outsourcing means the process of subcontracting part or the entire IT function to an outsource vendor situated in an offshore location. The IT offshore outsourcing functions comprise of software development, up gradation and maintenance of infrastructure and overall support. An organization, in order to concentrate on its core functions, may offshore outsource functions related to data storage and maintenance of websites and even its IT management functions.

Offshore outsourcing generally emanates from the need to lower cost and improve the allocation of resources within an organization and deliver quality services to customers. However, a high degree of standardization is needed to make offshore outsourcing more effective.

The top five IT functions that are generally offshore outsourced are:-

Bandwidth and network connectivity –

Recent advances in technology has given way to multi-processing systems comprising of a very large number of processors. The challenges faced by these large numbers of processors include mobility, systems that have been externally hosted and a growing base of technology driven SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses).
All offshore outsourcing network services need to build up a portfolio that maintains a proper balance between the key drivers and also help organizations to enhance their expertise and experience in building and operating networks. IT offshore outsourcing services that are dedicated towards the maintenance of a proper network connectivity and bandwidth is the need of the hour.

Security –

One of the prime concerns for all IT organizations is protecting their important data and in formations. Networks especially associated with SMBs are more prone to attacks and these organizations are not able to keep pace with fast developing and ever changing technology. In today’s digital economy where everything is interconnected and a growing need for collaboration technologies is on the rise, hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their techniques. Organizations generally resort to offshore outsourcing services to protect themselves from the ever growing threats. However, selection of a correct offshore outsourcing vendor is an absolute must for the entire process.

Round the clock Network Monitoring –

Organizations with limited in-house IT staff, a 24×7 monitoring of network performances is expensive and routine. IT organizations prefer to direct their available resources to more core activities. However, neglecting your network system is not an option for an IT firm and hence IT offshore outsourcing comes into the focus. There are many companies who for a very small amount will provide 24×7 monitoring of network related issues like network performance, availability, and even security. A right IT offshore outsourcing vendor can help organization function smoothly.

Virtualizations – 

The digital economy has given rise to cloud-based technologies but with the necessity to have highly- skilled resources have also increased. Cloud-based virtualizations projects are complex and require great efficiency. This, utilizing the facility of IT offshore outsourcing services becomes the need of the hour.

Disaster Recovery –

It is a must for every organization to have proper policies to enable the recovery of vital systems and technologies in case of a disaster. This simply means that a proper backup plan has to be in place. This, in turn, paves the way for an offshore outsourcing vendor. IT offshore outsourcing vendors will bring about the right mix of disaster recovery in case of some unforeseen event.

Many major players in the USA have and are increasingly shifting their back-office work, call center operations, IT services and another business process to outsourcing vendors. These big companies from the USA are involved in offshore outsourcing as they are confident the offshore outsourcing to right vendors will give them access to quality results, superior talent, low costs and a fast turnaround time. Some of the big companies that have opted for offshore outsourcing are Microsoft, GE (General Electronics), American Express(AMEX) to name a few.