Offshore IT Outsourcing Companies Aligning to Priorities of American CIOs

March 8, 2017 4:37 pm | Updated 4 years ago.

While the overall goal of the American CIOs in 2017 continue to be the same as before: lower costs, better supply chain management, personalized products, attractive customer service, improved customer loyalty programs etc., the advances in digital technology and the business models are putting more pressure on CIOs to stay ahead of both new and existing competitors.

Given the above scenario, we analyze what are, in D2E’ opinion, the top priorities of the American CIOs and what steps are the Offshore IT outsourcing companies taking to align to those priorities.

  1. Improving Customer and Brand Experience: Every American company today needs to develop a world class market facing digital experience for its customers with a combination of legacy and emerging customer facing technology. While most of the top Offshore IT Outsourcing companies have skills in legacy technologies and are rapidly developing skills in emerging digital technologies, more significantly, they are developing strategies to enable the American CIOs in improving the Customer and Brand experience leveraging these combinations of skills and their in-depth industry knowledge.
  2. Digital Transformation: CEOs of most American companies are pushing for the complete digital transformation of the entire company with all customer and user related processes totally digitized. To meet this vision of the CEO, CIOs are leveraging cost-effective technical innovations to make the entire company think like a digital native. The offshore IT outsourcing companies can play a very important role here with their accumulated knowledge of the legacy systems and user behavior acquired by doing years of application development and maintenance combined with intimate knowledge of the new emerging technologies.
  3. Cybersecurity: With rapid increases in cyber-attacks and hacking, CIOs are looking for new ways to manage security more effectively, so that they can spend more time on other pressing activities. Most offshore IT Outsourcing companies have developed in-depth knowledge and skills in the industry leading security tools and practices, in addition to their own tools and can be of significant help to the CIOs in this area.
  4. The mass shift to Cloud: Over this year and next year, CIOs will shift most IT workload to public clouds to get the cost benefits. Given the quantum of work involved, the Offshore IT Outsourcing companies can be of significant help in this shift to public cloud platforms.
  5. Evolve business models to manage the competition from digital disruptions: In every industry, there will be newcomers who will use digital disruption to capture market share, like Air B & B in the hospitality industry or Uber in consumer transport. CIOs need to enable their respective companies to stay ahead and not lose significant market share to newcomers leveraging such digital disruption. Here too the offshore It outsourcing companies with their significant investments in digital technologies can be of significant help.
  6. Enable shadow IT: It is projected that if the digital technologies are leveraged properly, then more than half of all IT will be outside IT control, with the business users being able to use the underlying technology to meet their business needs. One of the priorities of the global CIOs is to encourage shadow IT so that the business users are more technologically enabled. With years of experience in application development and maintenance, offshore IT outsourcing companies can be valuable partners in this transition to shadow IT.

D2E Consulting has a network of highly specialized product/solution providers with highly skilled solution architects, who can be partners as the CIOs of the American companies proceed with the above priority items for 2017. D2E’ primary focus while selecting these specialty partners has been high degree of automation that the American companies can achieve through deployment of these specialty product/solutions and reduction in foreign labor content, either by local hiring in the USA by these partners or partnering with local American program management companies in D2E’ partner network or both.