Making Global Innovations Easy to Reach to American Businesses

March 22, 2017 6:42 pm | Updated 4 years ago.

While most large IT companies including the MNCs have their own captive innovation centers and have dedicated cells to scout for start-up companies with synergistic innovations, a vast amount of technology innovations are taking place globally outside the confines of these large IT companies or the MNCs. In general, Entrepreneurs like to preserve the identity of their innovation and build on it, rather than it getting submerged in the numerous products, solutions, and services offerings of large IT companies. The American businesses, therefore, need to look outside their preferred vendors for some of the significant technology innovations taking place globally, that can truly add a competitive edge to their business.

However, given the diversity of technology and the global choice of locations, the task of finding the right company with synergistic technology innovations and with a strong competent management team that can consistently deliver on its promises is not simple, especially given the multitude of tasks that the American Businesses need to do in today’ competitive environment.

Thus, there is a strong need to have a platform where the technology innovators can showcase their innovations and the American businesses can either choose from a list of innovations to decide what they need to give a competitive edge to their business or the American businesses can post their innovations requirements in specified areas and the aggregator platform can crowd-source the innovations taking place in the required area.

To be a trusted partner to the American businesses, who are accustomed to the matured business processes and SLA driven delivery of the large IT companies and the MNCs, such aggregator platforms

a. Need to have a curated network of technology innovators. The aggregator platform not only needs to develop a relationship with the technology innovators but also needs to have a published grading system and due diligence process using which it can assess the robustness of the platform, people, process and partnerships with the technology innovators that can be viewed by the American companies seeking such innovations. Such assessments need to be done on a periodic basis, as the innovations mature over a period.

b. Can crowdsource new technology innovators based on specific needs of the American businesses: The aggregator platform needs to have a secure environment to source new innovators globally based on specific technology needs to be specified by the American businesses.

c. Can hold innovation conferences in a virtual environment: The aggregator platform needs to have capabilities to hold conferences and exhibitions of the technology innovators in virtual environment, where the American businesses can not only see the actual innovation but also experience the use and impact of the innovation in real life situations and can interact with the innovators in real time.

d. Can facilitate collaboration between the technology innovators to put together solutions to complex business issues: The American businesses are accustomed to have integrated solutions built to meet their business needs, often custom developed to the specifications provided by them. Using the Cloud environment, the aggregator platform, therefore, needs to have the capability to enable collaboration between the innovators to put together integrated solutions to complex business needs of the Clients.