IT Outsourcing in present-day America

March 1, 2017 5:22 pm | Updated 4 years ago.

The signing of the executive order by President Trump to ban immigration from five countries temporarily and also the recent hate crime against an Indian techie will have a ripple effect in organizations across the USA more so in the technology sector. IT outsourcing companies understand this very clearly that technology knows no boundaries. Moreover, the changes in the H-1B visa regulations which President Trump proposes to bring forth will also cause a hindrance in hiring skilled foreign worker. IT offshore outsourcing companies are thus thinking of changing the traditional outsourcing model of doing business and bringing in some innovative change which is in sync with the changing policies of present-day America.

D2e’s Opinion

Technology plays an important part in our lives and it drives progress both socially and economically. The engine of change today is driven by the engine of technology. As far as the USA is concerned the best technology brains come from outside and the technology development is possible because of international collaboration between business organizations. The mobility of talent is one of the key problems faced by business organizations. IT offshore outsourcing organizations will have to innovate and embrace new technological and consulting services to stay ahead of competitors. The steps that IT offshore Outsourcing organizations need to adapt to this changing environment are:-

  • Local delivery Centers – IT offshore outsourcing organizations will have to think about opening new technology based local delivery centers to deliver and meet client’s demands. An effective and properly coordinated delivery center will augment the quality of services and will focus on outcomes to enhance customer experience. These centers will be able to rope in local people and engage resources that can provide round the clock customer support.
  • Research and Development centers to be opened locally – IT outsourcing companies need to have research and development centers based out of USA by collaborating with local universities. This will solve the problem of lack of skilled manpower and help leverage skills to address and provide quality products to customers. R&D centers with programming specialists, technical excellence will generate great potential. Greater efficiency will be a key feature as problems of clients can be addressed in real time locally.
  • Partnership with Local companies – IT outsourcing companies can enter into a partnership with the local companies to resolve the problem of skill shortage. This will help generate technical knowledge by providing state of the art service to clients. This will also enhance cost effectiveness with no compromise on the quality of resources.

D2e partners client service partner like Affinity serves customers in the USA bring in a high level of automation and are ready to embrace the changes in the IT offshore outsourcing procedure. They utilize machine learning techniques and cognitive intelligence to support onsite delivery centers and business process outsourcing offices to provide the best in the class services to clients. Companies thus need to plan and think of methods to add value to the American IT businesses in such a way so as create more jobs for the American workforce.