IoT the Next Big Thing

May 24, 2016 7:26 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

The idea IoT (Internet of Things)  is in the cusps of an evolution, an unparalleled evolution that is going to transmogrify the way machines ever was. The proliferation of the connected devices depicts it. Gone are the days of devices that are dumb, around are the days of smart devices powered by IoT technologies. Imagine a bunch of home appliances which are interconnected and enhanced by the internet and special apps to make them work like in science fiction movies. What about a plate which indicates the amount of calorie you had taken in so far, or automatically warns you about any elements of toxic substance inadvertently added to the food you are eating. The applications and benefits of IoT is immense and numerous that everything around us will be connected to the internet and IoT this will work as a system of systems. Altogether IoT is a place where the internet and physical things meet.

It is very hard to say what changes it makes, because IoT encompasses a wide array of things, from a smart pencil to a smart spacecraft. It would commingle almost everything under the sun. IoT has already made its presence in the farming sector for instance; the IoT-based farming technologies rejigged the entire farming methods and it, in turn, increased the productivity and profit. This smart way of farming is a positive remedy for the global food crisis. However IoT can contribute to traffic control, weather reports, resource usage, electronic devices, digital market and you name it.

The confluence of AI (artificial intelligence) with IoT can create magic, says the experts in the field, and this will kindle the new revolution in the field of technology. There are apprehensions from different corners about the cons of this concept; most people fear it will completely steal the privacy of people and at some point of the development the artificial intelligence will subjugate the entire human race. But the tech pedagogues rules out such trepidations and disquietude. It is completely safe and it does not intervene into privacy, it is managed and controlled by humans, and IoT will never enslave the human race, it will happen only in movies or in one’s wildest dreams says the experts.

When the computers first came, there had been numerous raised eyebrows about the global unemployment predicted by economic researchers. But what happened contradicted the anticipated outcome, the job opportunities created by the same was immense and it even created new bifurcations in the engineering stream. The advent of IoT will be a boon to IT sector. Skilled personals in jobs like circuit design, microcontroller programming, Auto CAD, machine learning, security infrastructure, big data management, electrical engineering, security engineering, node.js engineers, GPS development etc. will be in great demand especially in the upcoming years.

Be ready to live in a world you have not imagined ever before. We can’t be prejudiced about anything, let us wait for IoT to hit the world. So let us embrace the new and prepare for the next big thing.



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