Interview with Arun Raj of OrisysIndia Consultancy Services

June 29, 2016 6:18 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Arun Raj- CEO of OrisysIndia Consultancy Services

The questions for the interview:-
Q1) About the Co-Founder and CEO

a) What was your journey like to get you here as a CEO?

I believe I am a born entrepreneur, right from my college days I always dreamed of starting a company of my own. I always wanted to do something bigger than a traditional job could do.
The journey, which I am still continuing, was not smooth. Building up the company was a strenuous task, there were stumbling blocks everywhere, but I fought it with a lot of positive attitude and confidence along with the remarkable support from my team.

b) What do you consider your greatest accomplishment to date and what did you learn from this accomplishment?

The greatest accomplishment for me and my company is our community development solutions. Apart from developing software solutions to our clients, we have inked pact with the Government of Kerala and we are proud to say that the association turned out to be a fruitful one. We have played catalyst role in digitalizing around 7500 libraries around Kerala. Further we have developed a unique and complete platform which comprises every farming service under one roof. More projects like these are underway.

c) What does it take to be a startup entrepreneur?

It is subjective, each entrepreneur is smart in their own ways, but should have some qualities which make them stand out from common people.
• They have to be different and think different.
• They should have a genuine and innovative idea with them.
• They should have perseverance- the greatest quality of an entrepreneur.
A good, talented and reliable team will take an entrepreneur closer to his dream.
In fact an entrepreneur is different from a startup founder- a startup founder should be more responsible and cautious on every step he takes.

Q2) About the general offerings –

a) The idea behind the product,
Now we focus on developing agricultural technology platform to cater the needs of global farming. We are playing our part in fighting global food crisis by implementing our product A4Agri. The unique platform encompasses every agricultural service under one roof right from soil testing to crop marketing.

b) About the product and service,

The product A4Agri is a web platform comprising farming services. A4Agri is an effective tool for a farmer which can be used as an aid to every farming service from talent reserve to harvest and beyond. Now we have incorporated IoT-based farming services to the platform. Transforming the agriculture is our motto, farming is a global activity so we want to take it globally.

c) Innovation related to product development

Our research and development team has been working on enhancing the agriculture platform which we had developed already. Our efforts to aggrandize the product with modern farming services like, IoT farming, farming with technologies, computer controlled farming machines and technologies to maximize the yield for small farmers.

Q3) The vision of the company-
a) What is the next big thing that will happen to your organizations in terms of growth, new product and partnership?
This year we are joining our forces to meet the UNDP goal food for all; our agricultural platform can do a substantial role in achieving the goal. We have already decided to take A4Agri globally and we are looking for global partners to expedite our goal. Discussion is going on and productive technology partnerships are under pipeline.

Q4) How does D2E ecosystem add value to your organization?

D2E has been helping us to get more visibility across business circle around the globe. Initiatives like D2E will enable business firms like us to augment our business ideas globally. We anticipate and look forward to D2e supporting us in all our future endeavors.