Interview Session with Sankar Krishnan – Co-Founder and CEO of Travanleo

July 13, 2016 8:29 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

A passionate technology leader with 18 years of experience as an Architect, Consultant and Service delivery specialist for large Technology implementations and maintenance in the areas of SAP ®, Enterprise Mobility & Cloud Technologies. As CEO of Travanleo, Sankar Krishnan is primarily responsible for setting the direction, executing the strategy, drive business development and manage client relations.

About the Co-Founder and CEO

1. What was your journey like to get you here as a CEO?

It was an eventful and satisfying journey with its own share of ups and downs. I started as a customer support engineer but have put on the hats of a consultant, technologist, and technical leader to lead the IT division of organizations. Some of the priceless business opportunities were, to work with some amazing technical minds in different geographies, supporting and working with people from different cultural backgrounds and nationalities. The passion for technology, empathy and care for people and drive for providing a good customer and stakeholder experience helped me to traverse the path with hard work, excitement, and perseverance. Lots of people supported and continue to support me in this journey. Whenever I worked really hard, luck was always on my side.

2. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment to date and what did you learn from this accomplishment?

The key accomplishments were all the learning’s in the journey. The wisdom of self-awareness, belief in continuous learning, appreciation of big picture and ability to adapt to change are the major accomplishments. The trust and goodwill showered on me by the people with whom I worked with, which include my customers, colleagues, suppliers, and bosses have been most rewarding.

3. What does it take to be a startup entrepreneur?

It’s a mix of a lot of different diverse characteristics. Every day I attempt to be a solution finder, solution builder, customer advocate, people champion, salesman and what not. If you work selfless, have patience and are prepared to navigate a turbulent sea, you are going to have an incredibly great journey.

About the general offerings of Travanleo

Travanleo offers a fresh perspective to Enterprise IT solutions and systems.

Travanleo is a fast growing enterprise software company providing SAP®, Mobility, and Cloud services & solutions.
We help our clients to re-imagine and work together to produce best value technology solutions in a profoundly changed digital world!

Travanleo blends industry experience, passion for best alternatives and technology expertise of its seasoned professionals to deliver services and solutions that consistently meet client expectations and deliver measurable results.

About our services

  1. SAP Technical Services
  2. SAP HANA Services
  3. SAP Fiori Services – RDS
  4. Cloud-based SAP services
  5. End to End Enterprise Mobility Services& Solutions
  6. Offshore delivery partner for small medium enterprises

About our Product

  1. m-Inspector:  m-Inspector is a tablet based Mobile Inspection and Survey application suite. m- Inspector is an innovative way to simplify and significantly improve Field Inspections, Surveys, and Audits using Mobile App.
  1. m-Inspector key features
  • Scan images and articles and convert to text OCR technology
  • Load any type of questionnaires, checklists
  • Take photos and upload to the cloud-based server
  • Record video and upload to the cloud-based server
  • Works well even in low-speed internet connections
  • View history of completed surveys
  • Custom alerts

Custom data compression algorithms used for video and photo capturing along with the data transfer optimizations to work in low-bandwidth scenarios makes m-Inspector extraordinary.

The vision of the company-

Our vision is to be a nimble and trustworthy technology solutions provider through research, innovation, and empathy.

1. What is the next big thing that will happen to your organizations in terms of growth, new product and partnership?

Travanleo is poised for a meaningful and substantially accelerated growth in the coming years. We strive for an all-round growth in solutions, revenue, team size and geographical reach. Early next year will also see the release of our flagship, super specialized solution, running on futuristic enterprise technologies. The next phase of the journey is going to be much more fun.

How does D2E ecosystem add value to your organization?

Arup’ Da and D2E provides us with practical and valuable advice and cover in our journey, be it about our solutions, products or expansion plans, D2E is a great mentor, well-wisher, and partner.