Interview Session with Kiran Sajeev – Founder and CEO Predict Systems

July 6, 2016 5:53 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Kiran Sajeev

Predict Systems – committed to shaping the future of Automobiles.

The company with a focus on embedded systems, Analytics and Deep Learning has developed an intelligent machine platform that would augment self – maintenance of next generation vehicles.

Q1)  About the Founder and CEO

  1. a) What was your journey like to get you here as a CEO? 

Over the past 10 years of my journey as an IT engineer, I had realized I am able to lead teams and collectively focus on a single mission. I was able to encourage fellow colleagues that we could create a bigger impact than we could  do while on a regular day job. This prompted me to get from the regular track and explore the road less traveled as an employee turned startup CEO.

  1. b) What does it take to be a startup entrepreneur? 

I think startup entrepreneurs should have tenacity hard-coded into their DNA. There could be occasional ‘Highs’ during a startup journey but the ‘Lows’ are unbelievably Low. Without tenacity, founders will not be able to sustain longer.

Also, I think startup founders should have a vision for the company they are building. There could be many ways to reach where you want but first you need to know where you are going.

Q2)   About the general offerings of Predict Systems

Our product is an Integrated Predictive Maintenance Platform for Automobiles. The platform will connect to the Automobiles (2008+ models) and perform cognitive analysis on vehicle data to give insights from a maintenance perspective.

We are integrating our product with Automobile Service Centers. In addition to the mechanical inspection carried out during the vehicle service, we will be able to publish a Predictive Diagnosis Reports (PDRs) that will give maintenance forecasts about what parts require servicing in future.

Our road map also includes integrating the platform with the Aftermarket parts market and issue cost savings to the owners on vehicle maintenance.

Q3)   How does D2E ecosystem add value to your organization? 

D2E is helping us develop go to market strategies for the product we are building. The experience of Arup and Krish helps us a long way in our journey.