March 16, 2016 12:55 pm | Updated 5 years ago.


Proscribo is a culmination of brand pages where brands can push advertisements about new products or offers to various users. The brand representative will be given access to a back end page where they can send their marketing material such as interactive videos, images and info sheets to prospective customers. Brands are segregated based on their genre which enables the user to choose the area he/ she is interested in. For example, Travel & Living, Automotive or Movies & Entertainment.


Challenges Overthrown

With the advancements in computer connectivity, internet and mobile technology, there has been an explosive growth in e-commerce and digital advertising. Last five years have seen the penetration of smart phones in almost all walks of life. Consequently, much of the business operations have shifted to mobile platforms. Thus, there is a large demand for Mobile Applications.¬†Building key and unique functionality for mobile apps become a new market in itself especially more with the flooding of ‘Smart phones’ as they got introduced subsequently. Now- a- days mobile apps are so successful in the market that they are overcrowding and dominating the E- Commerce space to an extent where companies have closed down their websites and shifted focus on their respective mobile apps as a core channel of providing revenue.


The current trend is for pushing advertisings on products or services on web pages and does not give much of an option to the customers. Whereas the Proscribo product aims at providing an opportunity for branded goods and manufacturers to post their advertisements in their designated space .Through Proscribo, the customer can follow specific product of his choice. The app also keeps track of the statistics on transactions and provides an opportunity to make discount offers or redeem points.

Technical Aspect

A portal where companies can post their advertisements and users can browse through several of such ads in order to be kept entertained or to gain information regarding products available in the market. What makes this concept unique is that, clients come in search of viewing advertisements as opposed to the advertisements being targeted at them. Users can view ads which are to their interests or just randomly browse various new products. In turn this becomes an active indicator of what is newly introduced in the market. The user also has the freedom to view various ads he/she is interested in and can select them based on their genres. Directly or indirectly this becomes a source of information as to what products are new in the market and what trends persist. Companies will have their own ad space and can attract clients without being intrusive.