April 6, 2016 5:06 pm | Updated 5 years ago.


Magdreams is a Complete Digital App Publishing Platform to empower publishers and businesses with comprehensive mobility solutions to multiply their revenue and productivity.

Challenges Overthrown

The current publishing platforms require usage of multiple tools, do not allow multiple user logins, do not allow working from a complete offline mode and most importantly have very inflexible pricing models. Creating and publishing digital contents using Magdreams is as easy as drawing boxes, making a few clicks and doing some drag and drop.


It is an end-to-end publishing solution that can handle the complete digital publishing requirements. No matter what one wants to publish, Magazines, Books, Journals, brochures etc. Magdreams enables to create Interactive digital apps for any content and distribute to all major app stores in the world. One can create extremely engaging and interactive digital content with audio, video, slideshows, hyperlinks, URLs, animations, 3D objects, online radio and much more.

Technical Aspect

Magdreams makes use of rich media options like images, audio, video, web views, RSS feeds etc. Magdreams also provides valuable insights for publishing business with in-built analytics.