Hillary Campaign Gets Shriller against Trump’s Outsourcing Double Speak

August 10, 2016 7:03 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Trump on Outsourcing

Donald Trump in his characteristic way keeps reiterating how great a businessman he is, the global business empire he has built and that he would be the ‘greatest jobs president that God ever created.”

Hillary Clinton has taken sniper shots at Trump’s claims, stating that many of the products his business empire spew out are made overseas and not in the US.

During her visit to Knotty Tie Co., Hilary took a pot shot at her Republican rival by saying “I really would like him to explain why he paid Chinese workers to make Trump ties, instead of deciding to make those ties right here in Colorado with a company like Knotty.”

Clinton continued on the same note when she added:  “It’s not just his ties, Donald Trump makes his suits in Mexico, not Ohio, where he could; his furniture in Turkey, not Pennsylvania, where he could; his picture frames in India, not Wisconsin, where he could.”

Hillary recently came up with a TV advertisement putting the issues of Trump double speak on outsourcing as the central message. The advert goes like this:

The ad begins with a clip of Trump being asked by David Letterman where his clothing line was made.

“I don’t know where they were made. They were made someplace, but they’re great,” Trump remarks.

“He knows where they’re made,” text scroll on the screen says .

The video then pans in for a  close-ups of the shirts which follows with the remark, they were made inBangladesh.

“That’s good. We employ people in Bangladesh. They have to work, too,” Trump says.

“He outsourced jobs to 12 countries,” the text scroll on the screen informs

Letterman shows the ties to the camera and says they were made in China.

Trump shrugs.

“Make America Great Again?” the text on the screen flashes.

The focus on outsourcing comes as Clinton completes a campaign tour focused on jobs in key swing states.

With Trump playing the outsourcing card to score points with the US electorate, will the voters see through Trump’s double speak only the results will say. But surely Clinton going all cylinders blazing at Trump over the outsourcing issue and alleging the double standards which Trump apparently follows, the Republican presidential candidate will surely have some dents in his armor.