Outsourcing Deals and Global Tendering Sites

September 21, 2016 7:06 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing is the process of giving work to another company situated at a different location. The entire process involves the exchange of knowledge along with processes and assets. Outsourcing to an offshore location is very common for IT organizations who have been involved in the entire process since the early 1980’s. Most IT companies have outsourced different categories of work to various offshore locations. Initially, the main reason to outsource the development work to an offshore location was because the entire process of being cost-effective or pocket-friendly. However, there are other important drivers to outsource the process to an offshore location like flexibility, a speed of development, and specialist skills as well.

The outsourcing market in spite of its complexities continues to grow with an annual growth rate of 6.5% (Gartner Forecasting of the IT Outsourcing market).Everything is not very smooth and rosy. There have been times when outsourcing deals have hit a roadblock due to lack of planning and management of offshore outsourcing deals.

The present scenario:-

The offshore outsourcing industry is going through some challenges with all the cuts in discretionary spending by US customers, especially in technology space. With a view to being of some help, D2E is doing an analysis of the websites with tenders for projects in the US and has identified the top 10 websites that can give potential leads to the offshore vendors.


Tendersinfo.com :  It is one of the world’s biggest Global Procurement Facilitator. They provide detailed information on both government and public sector tenders. They also give information on tenders funded by the various funding agencies like the World Bank, AFDB, EU, IMF, ADB.Tendersinfo.com looks after different sectors like construction, health care, energy etc.

GlobalTenders.com : Updated information is of great importance to organizations. Global Tenders has the largest database covering both international and national tenders. On an average 15,000, tender notices are updated on a daily basis.

Ittenders.com: This site proudly boasts of having the biggest database on tenders related to IT industry.

Dgmarket.com:  They collate tender notices of government procurement sites of more than 60 countries and tenders of international development from more than 150 countries.

Bidmain.com:   Bidmain.com is famous for delivering a personalized report on every subscriber’s keywords and category on the government bids opportunities that consist of bid notices, request for proposal etc.

Bidnet.com :  Over the last three decades, the company targets specific industry sector and amalgamates information for each bid with the help of professional researchers. They also send alerts to their clients regarding winning opportunities.

Governmentbids.com :  Business organizations looking forward to work in the government sector can avail easy to use online services provided by Governmentbids.com. They assist clients to obtain direct and easy access to government bids.

TenderTiger.com:  Tender Tiger follows more than two million tenders annually around the globe.

Cwctenders.com : They have the largest database of tenders pertaining to the construction, Infrastructure and Civil Works Industry both in the private and public domain.

Merx.com:  Canada’s leading tendering service, started in 1997 is a comprehensive and complete set of information on all the contract opportunities available in Canada both in the private and public sector.

Offshore outsourcers looking for new work can log into these sites for new work. D2e plans to research and will be publishing a select list of some of these websites with tenders for US projects in its Newsletter and will be holding discussions and brainstorming sessions in D2E RoundTable Discussion Forum.