May 04 Wed

TBA Webinar: Best Practices for Identifying Offshore Vendor

2016-05-04, USA Central | Free

“You Cannot Blame Shakespeare for the Fallacies of Othello! Nor should you blame the Off-shoring Model when it is the stakeholders who fail an offshoring initiative.”
In this interactive webinar organized by TBAA, Arup Gupta from D2E will lay out the key components and the Best Practices for identifying Offshore Vendors. He will also discuss in detail a multi-criteria vendor selection typology suggested by C.Bai and J.Sarkis, 2010, which is a gold standard in both academics and practice. Arup Gupta has pioneered the concept of outsourcing to Wall Street firms in the US while he was the President of TCS, America in New York, currently the Chairman and Founder of two technology companies.