Enterprise Management – Leveraging Cognitive Intelligence & Machine Learning

February 1, 2017 5:08 pm | Updated 4 years ago.

Enterprise Management – Advanced Features Leveraging Cognitive Intelligence and Machine Learning

As anticipated, the Trump Administration has now introduced legislation that calls for more than doubling the minimum salary of H1-B visa holders to $ 130,000 and also intense scrutiny to ensure that no American company is in violation of these laws. The offshore outsourcing IT service providers, as recommended in several previous blogs of D2E, need to now leverage their superior talent pool and specialty products rather than just the cost arbitrage. In preparation for this scenario, D2E has over the last 6 to 12 months built a network of specialty partners who seek to bring value to the customer’ business by ensuring a high degree of automation leveraging the technology advancements in cognitive intelligence and machine learning. D2E strongly believes that such specialty products and solutions from its partners coupled with, when appropriate, high-end program management from local American companies in its partner network that specialize in program management for the US Fortune companies, and solution validation by recognized experts in the field will truly make a difference to the customer’ business while at the same time ensuring adequate business volumes and margins for the offshore outsourcing IT service providers.

In a previous blog, we have analyzed the areas of automation that the offshore outsourcing IT service providers are bringing in Infrastructure Management space by leveraging cognitive intelligence and machine learning tools. In this blog, we analyze some of the advanced features that the specialty partners in D2E’ partner network are building in the Infrastructure Management space by leveraging cognitive intelligence and machine learning capabilities in platforms like Cortana and Watson.

  1. Next-generation Software Asset Management: In today’ digital age the software licensing models are no longer based on a single user or a device per license. With increasing complexities associated with the software product use rights, automation of license entitlement is highly desirable. To add to this the software asset management tools need to cater to the dynamic virtual environments. The products from the specialty partners in D2E’ partner network try to automate among other things:
  2. License consumption calculations for virtual machines, virtual desktops (VDI), virtual applications etc.
  3. Detecting application virtualization and usage of virtual desktops
  4. Identification of Virtual machine, processor, and hard partition characteristics etc.
  5. Contract Management: In today’ digital environment, especially with most solutions being on the cloud, the revenue accrual models are very different for the software vendors. This necessitates highly sophisticated contract management features to be available for the customers, that automate the entire lifecycle of the contract including the different channels of usage of services like cloud, mobile etc. The specialty products from D2E’ partner network are catering to such contract management needs.
  • Unified Self-Service: In today’ digital age, the business users are looking for social media based easy to use UI that allows them to not only access knowledge and resolve issues relating to the IT assets, but also collaborate and interact with their IT assets for better productivity, reduced cost and broader adoption of the services.
  1. Cost Management and Total Cost of Ownership: Leveraging the powerful platforms like Cortana and Watson, the CMDBs can now contain very detailed information relating to the IT assets enabling the decision makers to do highly effective cost management and substantially reduce the total cost of ownership.
  2. Lean Maintenance and Quality Compliance: Last but not the least, using the detailed asset related information in the CMDBs and the cognitive intelligence and machine learning tools, the specialty products from D2E partners can reduce the warranty cost, optimize inventory and ensure full compliance.

In conclusion, given the steps being put in place by the Trump administration to curb immigration and limit the usage of H1-B visas etc., the partners in D2E’ Aggregator network with their specialty products that bring in high level of automation leveraging cognitive intelligence and machine learning tools supported by onsite program management by high-end American program management companies are well placed to add value to the American businesses without in any way replacing American jobs.