Empowering E-commerce through Virtual Reality Techniques

August 17, 2016 6:10 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

E-commerce and Virtual Reality Techniques

Virtual reality replaces human vision with virtual vision. Put on a V headset, which fits around your head and over your eyes and it isolates you visually from the physical space you actually occupy. Using the VR, you become almost a character in a movie, get in the midst of a video game environment or try out various products like furniture, home decors, apparels and accessories virtually , with the experience being akin to  going to the store to check out the goods you seek, in its entire detail.

One of the biggest gainers from the VR technology is the e-commerce sites. Let’s see how Virtual Reality techniques can benefit the e-commerce.

‘DECISION MAKING’ made simple.
Incorporating virtual reality into e-commerce helps the customers in a quick and easy decision making. Virtual tryouts of apparels and accessories help the customers to decide, what apparel or accessories would best look on them. Caratlane, the e-commerce site provides its customers with a platform to check out how the accessories would look like when it’s actually worn by a model. In VR, the accessories get draped into a model as in real life and the customer gets a ring side view of how the accessory looks when worn. This minimizes the gap between the customer perception of a product and the reality when shopping online.

Mimic the real world in all its detail for the customer
It is said that the devil lies in the detail. VR techniques provide the customers the wherewithal to know the item they intend to purchase in all its details. Say for example the customer wishes to buy apparel online. The mobile applications like StyleU that works on VR technique, tells the customers about the kind of fabric, its texture and even about any creases that may occur when it’s worn. Precision precedes perfection which leads to delight, and VR makes it possible for e-commerce sites to surpass customer expectations.

‘ROCKET-UP’ your sales.
The VR applications can be a plug-in to ratchet up your business. The customers of urban ladder easily check for the suitability of a piece of furniture to a particular space in their home with the help of VR-based mobile application living space. Since the customers could try out the items in their wish list in an instant, the demand for the items sold via this kind of apps are increasing. The tryout-and-purchase part is made lot easier than the earlier times with the introduction of Virtual Reality.

StyleU the mobile app helps customers to create their own 3D mannequins by giving their body measurements and a facial photo as per the instructions provided by the app. This helps the customer to develop a sense of the self when they try out apparels and accessories online via VR apps. Personalised trials are a big plus using VR.

Help your customer get the ‘BEST FIT’
The e-commerce sites make online shopping more definite and minimizes unpleasant surprises when the goods bought online arrives at the customer’s home. E.g. in the case of apparels, it minimizes doubts on fitting, fabric texture or fashion suitability. Thus the customer gets a wide choice of products from across the globe without having to move out of her home.


Source: http://realeffecx.com/blog/?p=154 (REALEFFECX TECHNOLABS)
Date of publication: 02 / 08 / 2016