VirtusaPolaris - a Gold Sponsor at the AWS Summit

June 29, 2016 7:41 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

VirtusaPolaris is enthusiastic about sponsoring the AWS Summit to be held in Mumbai in June 28. They were the Gold Sponsor for the event. This event will create a platform for exchanges of new announcements; exceptional customer stories, new mergers and acquisitions. VirtusaPolaris in today’s digital environ is planning to move towards Powering Digital and Data on Cloud” and is illustrating their innovative solutions that have been uniquely designed for digital needs.

VirtusaPolaris envisages providing a seamless customer experience, optimizing business with the power of data, and enhancing scalability with robust cloud solutions. There cloud offerings span the entire software spectrum from assessment, migration, implementation and integration. It also helps clients implement strategies for innovative, enterprise-wide digital transformation.

VirtusaPolaris’s SVP-Digital, Shankar Janardhanan, will address the audience highlighting the importance of big data and analytics on cloud.