US Unearthed a H-1B Visa Fraud Scheme

May 6, 2016 9:52 am | Updated 5 years ago.

A couple in Virginia, USA, has been implicated by the US government for running a scheme where they used to sell H-1B visa for money. The couple had produced about $20 million dollars through this scheme. They have been prosecuted by a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Va.

The scheme involved filling up of H-1B visa applications for non-existent job vacancies by setting up of a network of shell companies. The applicants were treated as hourly contractors and were required to pay their own processing fees. This is in violation of the rules governing the H-1B visa.

The people found guilty in this case will face a prison term of 10-30 years. A casual checking of documents of the H-1B program in 2008 by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services revealed a fraud rate of over 13%. The government analysis unearthed forged documents, fake degrees and shell companies at fake addresses.

Date of Publication: May 2, 2016