Travanleo kick starts Phase II development of SAP Security Solution

July 13, 2016 8:09 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

The Master solution for SAP systems with high-security requirements is meant to safeguard top 5% SAP systems which are crucial for the business operations of leading German car maker.

Travanleo’s unique mix of SAP technical and security expertise helped the successful and timely delivery of 1st phase of this project.SAP Security solution covers securing all aspects of SAP like SAP, OS, DB, network communications and data integrity.

Generally speaking about the importance of SAP Security, If any malicious individuals or groups get unauthorized access to SAP, they can steal financial data, HR data, planning data or corporate secrets and use it to perpetrate fraud, espionage, and sabotage against businesses. Regardless of the size of business or nature of business, securing the SAP systems is a key requirement for the smooth operations and growth of any enterprises. The pace of change in information technology has been overwhelming in the last decade. This has also introduced many security vulnerabilities which might have been failed to notice.

Travanleo SAP Security Risk Assessment Services examines the entire critical SAP components essential to ensure the security of SAP systems. Based on the assessments, we develop practical technical recommendations to address the vulnerabilities identified and reduce the level of security risk. We use a control framework approach to safeguarding the critical SAP components from known a­ttack vectors.