Toronto Police thinking over Outsourcing Parking Enforcement

September 21, 2016 2:59 pm | Updated 4 years ago.

The Toronto Police Service is asking for feedback’s from many third parties interested in managing and operating all or some part of the service’s Parking Enforcement Unit. Transformational Task Force released an Interim Report on June 17 which addresses a range of issues which includes this plan to outsource the parking enforcement also.

If this outsourcing plan is implemented then it may also help to address the 21st recommendation, which suggests assessing “whether there are better alternatives to the current Parking Enforcement Unit that will lower operating costs.”

According to the police spokesperson Meaghan Gray, “Once we get that feedback we’ll be able to research those options to see whether or not going forward would be the best thing for the service in order to get the same effective services, but perhaps done more efficiently.”

Ticketing program is currently handled by a 394-member unit, out of which nearly all are civilians.



Date of publication: Sept. 19, 2016