Tableau unveiled Project Maestro

November 9, 2016 7:30 pm | Updated 4 years ago.

Tableau has unveiled its plans for developing a new visual data –preparation software code-named Project Maestro. The software which will be made available next year intends to ease the entire process of data preparation. This product was presented by Vice-President of Product Management, Dan Jewett, in a conference where he highlighted the important features of the product.

Tableau’s road map for data analysis showcased in the conference. The Tableau’s new data engine will assist in importing hundreds and thousands of data per second. Tableau is also thinking of having a system which would understand speech. The President also gave a brief demonstration of the new features of Tableau. Other important features comprise of data governance that will allow organizations to certify trusted content. It will also consist of an inbuilt recommended dashboard from cloud services including combining data from multiple services.