SWORD collaborates to Government of Columbia to launch SIPI

June 29, 2016 7:31 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

The Government of Columbia leveraging the power of Sword Intellect along with Sword Ptolemy and Sword Acsepto announced the launch of new Intellectual Property Information System (SIPI) in a conference organized by the Columbian Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Bogota.

SIPI is a technological platform that integrates information technological services and uses Sword Intellect, a pioneer in Search and Intellectual Property Rights Case Management Software to provide access to all information of files via the website, manage your cases, track and receive e-mail notifications. Sword Intellect can be used by organizations to manage Intellectual Property rights,
archiving, classification and dissemination of patents documentation, using of Intellectual Property rights (management of contracts, Domain names), search and classification of Patents, Trademarks, and Industrial designs, and follow-up of fees and charges related to maintenance of the rights.

Sword’s software components are Sword Ptolemy, a web-based information system for managing IP Rights, and Sword Acsepto, a tool to search both the figurative and verbal elements of trademarks, and designs.

Sword’s consultants and software engineers have been involved in automation projects across various international organizations. They have successfully delivered in more than thirty national IP offices and international organizations.

Source: http://www.sword-services.com/ip2/