Stay Safe as you play Pokemon Go

July 20, 2016 6:17 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Pokemon Co and Nintendo entered into an alliance with the Niantic Labs to develop and release a free augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. Pokémon Go has become a frenzy which has captured the attention of both young and old. This mania has led to people suffering injuries, the discovery of a dead body and even generated new friendships. A concern has been raised, about exactly what is Pokemon Go doing with our data?

This concern was initially raised by a US Senator, Al Franken. Personal data is easily acquired the moment a person registers to play the game using their email address or Google account. Privacy experts are bothered about some security concerns. According to Omar Tene of International Association of Privacy Professionals, Apps have been blatantly collecting and sharing data that has nothing to do with the functionality of an app.

To play it safe it is always advisable to check the privacy settings before agreeing to terms and conditions before downloading the app. Secondly, it is advisable not to download third party software apps, which claims to augment the game with better features. These apps might come with viruses and also share sensitive data with third party users.