SoftBank Corp adopts Western Digital SanDisk InfiniFlash Platform

August 31, 2016 6:20 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Western Digital Corporation, headquartered in Irvine, California, United States announced today that Japanese multinational telecommunications and Internet Corporation, SoftBank Group has adopted the SanDisk® InfiniFlash™ storage platform for all its software-defined storage solutions. Earlier, SoftBank was using traditional storage system combining of HDD and SSD for some of its applications. But now to enable the installation of software in general purpose servers, SoftBank has put together a new software-defined and multi-petabyte in-house system applying the SanDisk InfiniFlash platform as its main storage engine for real-time data transaction applications.

This upgradation will now allow SoftBank to incorporate operations of complex systems with higher efficiency and solve the problem of silos, and further eradicate vendor-specific tasks.

Gary Lyng, senior director of marketing for Western Digital’s Data Center Systems Business Unit said, “We are delighted for SoftBank’s deployment of the SanDisk InfiniFlash platform”. He further added, “While devices begin to feature artificial intelligence and we are fully entering the connected era of IoT, it is becoming essential to leverage the huge volume of data that is generated at a higher scale than ever. We are excited to support SoftBank’s business growth by delivering more value with our flash technology for the high-speed processing of large volumes of data. With a portfolio of platforms and systems that leverage the breadth of our industry-leading flash and disk technologies, Western Digital enables customers to harness the power of their data as it grows in volume, velocity, variety and value.”



Date of Publication: August 24, 2016