Realeffecx Techn-labs LLP launch Virtual Trial Room App

March 30, 2016 2:31 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Realeffecx Techno Labs LLP, a D2E Innovation Partner has launched Styleo Mobile App which would change how we shop for apparels online. The users can download the application to create a virtual body after uploading a photo and giving fitness measurement, to choose the right fitting clothes.

The biggest issue for the online fashion apparel stores is high return rate, bordering around 30% of all clothing sold online. This is largely because of the inability of the buyer to try apparels and see how it looks on the customer and how the measurements fit before ordering from an online store. Styleo solves this problem and claims that the return rate can be brought down to al low as 10%.

To experience the virtual reality feature of the app, the user just need to have Google cardboard- a device worth Rs. 300 that enables virtual reality for mobile devices. The user can virtually see himself/herself walk on the ramp with the apparel to get a visual idea of how it fits and looks on him/her. The app shows and lets the user try apparels from the listed online stores, however to make the purchase, the user is directed to the store where the product is available.

Now you do not need a young boy to tell the emperor that he is wearing no clothes, Styleo does it in a more politically correct way.