Office Software to be infused with AI by Microsoft

August 24, 2016 5:52 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Recently Microsoft Corp. announced the acquisition of smart scheduling app Genee. This acquisition will help Microsoft to add the artificial intelligence to all of its digital experiences which will further enhance their virtual assistant Cortana. Now Cortana with the help of Genee could automatically set up business meetings by simply illustrating the keywords in the email.

Earlier Microsoft bought SwiftKey, a tool that predicts what users want to type next and Wand Labs, a smart messaging app which indicates that Microsoft is expanding its AI expertise. Last year Genee raised a fund of $1.45 million. Rajesh Jha, vice president of Microsoft’s Outlook and Office 365 business wrote, “The Genee deal furthers our ambition to bring intelligence to every digital experience”  in a blog post.

Acceptance of AI by businesses all over the world will change how people live and work. Nasdaq Inc. is testing AI to spot rogue traders through algorithms.



Date of publication: Aug 23, 2016