Microsoft wins US Defense Contract

December 21, 2016 6:17 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Microsoft is all set to ring in the festive season early after it won the $927 million contract from the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).A deal of a similar kind was won by Microsoft in the year 2013 which involved it in bringing Windows 8 to all Defense Department staff. It had also won a deal in February 2016 to bring the Windows 10 OS to the entire Defense Task Force.

Microsoft is also the only cloud provider to support the DoD (Department of Defense). It has also successfully deployed the Microsoft Azure, a comprehensive cloud-based platform for the US government. The first preview was opened in the month of October.

Microsoft has a page dedicated to DISA, which is a department under the US Department of Defense (DoD).It provides an entire range of communication support, information on infrastructure and a flexible cloud-based environment for all the organizations that plays a key role in defense structure of the USA.