Microsoft to redesign Windows for Nerd Goggles

November 30, 2016 11:27 am | Updated 4 years ago.

Various reports across the tech world are suggesting that Microsoft is revising their Windows 10 design language to embrace the brave new world of virtual reality viewed through techno-spectacles.

The “Project Neon” of Microsoft will address the issues in Microsoft Design Language 2 (MDL2) as well as help to improve their support for Redmond’s HoloLens gadget and other holographic Windows initiatives. The aim is to modify Windows 10’s interfaces so that they can be used through nerd goggles.

Microsoft has many platforms to design – desktop touch and non-touch, Surface Hub, mobile, Xbox, and geek glasses and also there’s no shortage of talent at Microsoft, and the impact of the flat design which was first introduced in 2010’s Windows Phone Series 7, now eventually spread beyond the consumer electronics into web page design.

The designers must now navigate treacherous waters, as platforms are born, then sidelined, in a bewildering series of strategy shifts.



Date of Publication: 28 Nov 2016